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Learnium and Office Online tested out at Coventry’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab

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Coventry University made headlines in 2015 when it nudged past many of its Russell Group peers to reach its highest position ever in the Guardian league table of universities, as well as being named University of the Year in the Times Higher Education Awards. This success is down to several initiatives focused on improving both the student experience and teaching practices. One such initiative has been the establishment of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL), an experimental unit for driving innovation and positive change in teaching and learning at Coventry University.

In the spirit of challenging the status quo, the lab supports projects with high potential for disruption. Jonathan Shaw, Director of DMLL, stated:

“DMLL will instigate, stimulate and accelerate innovation by challenging mind-sets, advocating provocative and radical ideas and approaches in order to change the University’s established frames of reference, structures and mechanisms.”

Since its establishment in 2014, the Lab has supported over 40 projects focused on various aspects of learning, from assessment to flipped learning and collaboration. A recent addition to the portfolio is Learnium.

Learnium is a social learning platform for students and teachers. Available to all UK universities and colleges, the app allows users to connect, share resources and collaborate. Users can seek answers, revise together and even find out what’s happening on campus. Teachers have access to premium features for advanced class management and course delivery.

Martin Jenkins and Gemma Tombs, who have worked in the Learnium implementation, said:

“Learnium has the potential for providing creative and enjoyable online spaces in which students can work. This can be enriched by the use of Office Online for collaborative working. The Disruptive Media Learning Lab has already undertaken the first phase of an extensive evaluation study, and is working closely with Learnium as we explore and evaluate the new opportunities that are available to Coventry University students.”

The company has recently integrated with Microsoft Office Online to enable all its users to collaborate on documents seamlessly from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Motivated by improving educational outcomes across the sector, this joint offering targets an estimated 4.3 million UK students.

Microsoft Office Online in Learnium Microsoft Office Online in Learnium

Robert Dragan, Learnium CEO, declared: > “The collaboration with Microsoft reinforces our strategic focus on improving the educational experience. The Disruptive Media Learning Lab in Coventry University has always pushed the boundaries of learning technology and we are keen to test out the impact that Learnium and Office Online have on learning outcomes.”

To find out more about Learnium go to: http://www.learnium.com and to find out more about the Disruptive Media Learning Lab visit: http://dmll.org.uk